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Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans.  That is NOT including sea creatures, whose annual death count are almost too high to imagine.


Zero of those animals deserved to die.


Enter Ziggy’s Refuge, a safe haven brought to life by Kristin Hartness and Jay Yontz; two loving people who can see the soul behind every pair of eyes.  Ever since getting a pig of their own six years ago, they have dedicated every waking moment to animal rights.  Recently, they got the opportunity to step it up a notch- they were offered 175 beautiful acres in North Carolina, all to be used for animal rescue and rehabilitation.  However, they need your help.


To get full rights to this property, $300,000 USD needs to be raised, all within a short time limit.  You can follow the progress on their online campaign, the link coming soon!  


Ziggy’s Refuge will be a Heaven On Earth for farm animals just like Ziggy.  They will take advantage of nearby universities to obtain veterinary care through training programs, use the property as a fundraiser and events center, and even cater vegan food to all volunteers, employees and guests.  There is plenty of work to be done, but most of the “foundation”, so to speak, is already there.


The property has three ponds, a large building that will be used as a Bed & Breakfast, office, and Welcoming Center, three houses with two additional home sites and two very large barns.  They all need a bit of a facelift, but with some TLC this property will shine like a new penny!


Help us get there by donating or spreading the word- your effort will save lives.


The goals of Ziggy's Refuge is to not only give a happy home to farm animals in need but perhaps more importantly be an advocate for a vegan lifestyle. By creating a truly beautiful place full of happy, thriving animals we will welcome all people to see the beauty of animals and why they deserve better.  Ziggy has truly opened all of our eyes to the perils faced by farm animals and we will all devote our lives to liberate them.

Read more about Ziggy’s Refuge under the “Printable Business Plan" tab!

"Where Compassion Comes First!"

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