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Hey there!  


I’m Ziggy.  You might know me from my popular social media pages; Ziggy The Traveling Piggy.


If not, allow me to introduce myself!  


When my mom got me, an advertised teacup pig, she was told I would stay small. Now, 6 years later I weigh about 250 pounds! I've always lived inside with my mom and dad, but a pig of my size proves to be difficult when trying to find houses to rent. We lived comfortably in the Virgin Island’s but were forced to move out when the house we lived in was sold.


This is where our adventure really began!


We hopped on a plane and flew back to the states where my mom, Kristin Hartness and my dad, Jay Yontz, purchased a motor-home for me to live in!  Opportunity struck.  We began roadtripping across the United States, spreading awareness for animal rights and veganism.  Along the way, I made so many great friends and even greater memories, all while my parents’ inspiration grew…


This brings us to our current adventure!


It is time for us to hang up the RV and set our sights higher than they have ever been before.  With lots of help from caring volunteers and employees, we plan to open an animal sanctuary.  Once the property is secured, animals just like myself who have been rescued from slaughter houses, animal testing laboratories or have outgrown their advertized size will be able to receive the same amount of love I have gotten from my parents all these years.  While saving these animals, the larger goal will be to continue advocating for a vegan lifestyle and forcing an end to factory farming.

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